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Possible Bridal Shower Party Game Ideas

Bridal Shower Games

Aside from the wedding party there are still a lot of parties that a couple will go through. One of the most popular parties is the bridal shower. It is a tradition that every American practiced. It’s an informal party with female friends or family members. This is usually being celebrated and participated with adults. However, in rare cases guests can be as young as flower girls and as old as the grandmothers. It is an ideal opportunity for everyone to meet before the wedding. Such party can be more exciting if incorporated with games. It is something that break the ice to make the party fun and exciting. There are hundreds bridal shower party game ideas.

All About WeddingThe Funny Photo Game

Orient your guest to bring an old photo of you with her in the party. The aim of this particular game is to recreate an old photo of you and the bride in present day; the older the photo, the better. It would be more fun if you bring and wear the same outfit in the old photo. Photo booth is perfect but it can be costly.

The game is very easy. You just need to set up the same pose as the old photo and have your picture taken. For example, a photo of the bride when she still young and cuddle by her older sister, such lovely photo can be recreated with a touch of humor. Everyone will be excited how the recreated photos turned out. This can be included in your photo slides in the wedding reception or put it in your wedding album.

4 Pics 1 Word

Basically, this is a game for android and ios phone. You can recreate the game for your bridal shower party. All you need are pens and blank cardboards. Let the Bride draw something in the cardboard that best describe how everyone met the bride to each person/guest.

First, the bride will select a particular person in the party. Then the bride will start drawing for photos that are associated with the person. The drawing should not be directly pointing to the right answer. For example, an image of shopping bag, mall, clothes, and shoes, the answer maybe SHOPPING. They become close friend because they both love shopping. Such game is very fun yet inexpensive. This will also start a good conversation of recalling the past.

Act It

This is somehow similar to the game above the only difference is that, instead of drawing a particular thing the bride will act something that is associated how a particular guests met her or how they become friends.

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