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To Have or Not to Have a Baby – An Argument for Some Married Couples

Having a Baby in a Marriage Relationship

All About WeddingThere are couples who see babies, kids or children as responsibilities. For some, they take it positively because they believe it gives them maturity and growth in their relationship. However, there are couples who believe they do not need to have kids in order to grow and mature. For this reason, having a baby is a matter that must be discussed between the couple before or after the wedding.

Having a baby is one of the biggest decisions that every couple make in their lives. Until today, it is a debate among married couples whether they should have or not have kids, or simply become parents. When discussing about your options, you should consider the following points.

The topmost thing to think about is the statistics. It is true that raising a child is a responsibility, but the reality is that a child is raised starting from the woman’s womb. For nine months, the baby inside the womb must be taken care and most especially the mother. After nine months, you will have to deal with milk feeding early in the morning and changing the diapers.

Furthermore, if raising a baby this time of the year already costs too much, how much more if he/she reaches by 5, 10 and 18? You need to understand the needs of raising a kid, because they won’t be breastfed anymore and must be sent to school. Are you both ready to sign up for these responsibilities?

Your decision of having a baby should not be needed, but rather be wanted. Don’t think about conceiving a baby because you believe it can save your marriage or it can make your wife settle down or just stay at home.

Don’t think of having a baby because you are fixated on the infancy of the child. There are people who love to raise puppies, but surrender them when they become huge dogs or no longer cute and appealing to them. Infants or babies eventually become teenagers, so you better be in for the long haul.

A new addition to the family could possibly disrupt the balance that your relationship currently has. If you are both enjoying the company of each other and you suddenly have a baby at home, it could be stressful for both of you to keep the family and your relationship healthy. Make sure that having a baby and then another baby is not a threat to your marriage.

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